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Welcome to R.A.L.S.

Registered company in England and Wales company registration number 08697116

Join this adventure and play the raffle to give you a chance to make your future bright

Also there will be more opportunities available in the near future for you to increase your chances

R.A.L.S. is a company that has been specifically set up to support charitable organizations to be funded direct.

There has been a great deal of bad press in the way that some charitable donations have been "re-directed"; funding our way will ensure that the funds reach the intended destination undisturbed.

We are committed to run this raffle transparently so that you, the members, will see where the money is being sent.

Our past experience is within the financial services and investments sector and now we are applying our expertise in this field to promote a program of “investing in charities and good causes” both large and small.

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